Emma Rogers

Emma enjoys scribing about herself in the third person.

This is a fact she will never admit.

If we're using labels, Emma is infinity.

Other examples include: performer, writer, & super humble genius.

She hosts and curates 'God's favorite comedy show' called Em's Damn Good Rogering (E D G R for short) every final Friday of each month at Pete's Candy Store.

Featuring innovative local NYC performers to create a fiery release into theatrical debauchery.

Time Out, "All hilarious hell breaks loose at this unpredictable monthly gig. Watch host Emma Rogers and her funniest buddies go wild with stand-up, songs and beyond."

P.S. - She'll allow you to stalk her @emrogering on Instagram.

Writer, performer, & super humble genius.
— Emma...talking about herself.

Absorb host Emma Rogers' suggestion and her slew of guest performers in this soundscape of psychedelic comedic repartee. Special guest, comedian, and crop circle expert Brooke Eliot joins us.Topic: Aliens, Crop Circles, Netflix's The Stan Romaneck Story

Voiceover by yours truly!

Emma wrote this Project: girl series animated short!

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