Emma enjoys scribing about herself in the third person.

This is a fact she will never admit.

If we're using labels, Emma is infinity.

Other examples include: performer, writer, & super humble genius.

She hosts and curates 'God's favorite comedy show' called Em's Damn Good Rogering (E D G R for short) every final Friday of each month at Pete's Candy Store.

Featuring innovative local NYC performers to create a fiery release into theatrical debauchery.

Time Out, "All hilarious hell breaks loose at this unpredictable monthly gig. Watch host Emma Rogers and her funniest buddies go wild with stand-up, songs and beyond."

P.S. - She'll allow you to stalk her @emrogering on Instagram.

Writer, performer, & super humble genius.
— Emma...talking about herself.

Voiceover by yours truly!

Emma wrote this Project: girl series animated short!