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Word o' the Week - NINCOMPOOPERY

Allow me to coax your ear lobes with the word that gives me the jazzies in my stomach every time I use it. If used in a text message to a prospective lover, I give myself at least 3 minutes of hip thrusting to the Weekend(Often, Kygo remix) on the subway platform.

Why, you might ask, does such a word send me into a mild episode of hysteria and triumph? It's bombastically absurd, unapologetic, tongue in cheek, playful, and invokes a variety of images to the minds eye. It asserts ownership and pride over being ridiculous. All adjectives of the person I strive to be. 

It will ALWAYS inject fun into the mundane 'what are you doing' question. 

'A few pals and I are engaging in an endless slew of debaucherous nincompoopery, SIR, top that!', one might say. It somehow manages to be descriptive yet vague. Which I believe is the exact concoction for an intriguing conversation. 

When used in its singular form, nincompoop is defined as simpleton, fool, or stupid person. The mere usage of nincompoop weeds out those who are actual nincompoops. Would you look at that?!  A word that when used also points out it's meaning in the listener's reaction! What a fascinating riddle.

So please, I beg of you, start using nincompoopery to strike some lightening into your day-to-day text storms. I swear, you'd have to be a total nincompoop to refuse.

Nincompooperly yours.