Emma Rogers

comedian, writer,


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Content has been my wheelhouse since I was making pitted prune commercials on my camcorder as a kid.

Specialties include creative copywriting, script writing, video/photo shoots from concept to post production, and audio/video editing.

Besides creating content, I can be seen performing comedy around NYC or heard on podcasts sweeping the internet.

Time Out, "All hilarious hell breaks loose at this unpredictable monthly gig. Watch host Emma Rogers and her funniest buddies go wild with stand-up, songs and beyond."

P.S. - I'll allow you to stalk me @emrogering on Instagram. IG stories are my artistic medium of choice.

Rep: DDO Artists Agency

Gina Manfredi NY On-Camera

e: gina@ddonyc.com

Eileen Schellhorn, Head of Voice-Over

e: eileen@ddonyc.com





TAsteful Nudes - NYC Premiere june 21st-30th 2019

Join alternative comedy duo Emma Rogers and Harry Beer in their roles as Artist and Muse, here to present us with their latest high-art nudes. Tasteful Nudes, performed at Lucas Lucas NYC, will have all the trappings of an art opening: original photography created by Rogers and Beer, the chance to sip wine while watching the pair defend their work from incensed critics, and a permeating sense of grandeur that crosses deliciously into narcissism.


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